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Nebraskangooner gives his opinions on whether news impacts BTC expense


Nebraskangooner gives his opinions on whether news impacts BTC expense

On Dec. , Cointelegraph’s Crypto buying and selling secrets and techniques podcast interviewed trader Nebraskangooner, gathering his opinions on a few topics. “flat and completely alongside and uneventful,” Nebraskangooner mentioned when asked about his suggestions on Bitcoin’s BTC price recently. 

The crypto undergo market saw the price of Bitcoin fight right through , falling significantly from its all-time high aloft $, viewed in . Nebraskangooner gave just a few thoughts on Bitcoin’s possible location inside the bear bazaar and a potential backside for the asset.

related to his view on Bitcoin’s cost, Nebraskangooner spoke of he essentially looks to rate charts for contrast instead of mainstream news events. “I’ve by no means in fact been a believer in too an awful lot news affecting anything,” he defined, continuing:

“I believe information, more so, simply speeds up fee motion. I’ve always been a accepter in ‘tell me the news, and i’ll display you the blueprint.’ definitely, decent news all the time looks to take place at assist, and scandalous news at all times seems to take place at resistance. more defective news absolutely comes out in undergo markets, and extra respectable information obviously comes out in bull markets.”

“I don’t in reality see the information as, like, altering the course on the rest,” he brought. “I more so just alternate the charts.” Nebraskangooner additionally shared extra ideas involving what he thinks has been affecting Bitcoin’s rate the most.

in the adventure, Nebraskangooner and host Benjamin Pirus discuss a few other facets, together with his early activity in the clinical container and how he transitioned from a profession in nursing to crypto buying and selling.

Cointelegraph’s Crypto buying and selling secrets podcast interviews crypto merchants, buyers and analysts on themes regarding crypto trading and advance. each and every adventure often contains three segments: discovering the backside, alternate secrets and the subsequent balderdash run.

listen to the episode on Cointelegraph’s podcast web page, angel Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts and TuneIn.

The angle, techniques and opinions expressed listed here are the authors’ on my own and do not necessarily mirror or symbolize the views and opinions of Cointelegraph.

Bitcoin bang just Transferred $20M BTC From Gemini To Coinbase


Bitcoin bang just Transferred $20M BTC From Gemini To Coinbase

What took place: An anonymous Bitcoin CRYPTO: BTC whale just transferred $,, value of Bitcoin off Gemini, and the investor then sent these cash to Coinbase.

Why it concerns: Bitcoin,Whales traders who personal $ actor or extra in BTC usually ship cryptocurrency amid exchanges when trying to find clamminess. If a whale were to sell all of their Bitcoin on one change, there could be a high fee affect. it truly is, the investor would push bottomward the rate of Bitcoin on that exchange greatly.

in its place, the whale can distribute the money across exchanges to be in a position to have adequate liquidity. Of route, we do not know for certain whether this Bitcoin pockets is transferring the money to promote, as here is just speculation. another excuse traders transfer Bitcoin throughout exchanges is for safety preferences.

The top-quality method to comfy Bitcoin is through holding it on a hardware pockets, which can t be finished through retaining digital belongings on an exchange. besides the fact that children, certain exchanges, like Coinbase, grasp investors funds in accouterments wallets for them, adding an extra level of protection for your digital assets.

this article became generated by using Benzinga s automated content material agent and advised by means of an editor.

Benzingam. Benzinga does not deliver investment counsel. All rights aloof.

Elon Musk’s Tesla does not hold the most BTC backing amongst organizations, file indicates


Elon Musk’s Tesla does not hold the most BTC backing amongst organizations, file indicates

Elon Musk could be a vocal supporter of cryptocurrencies, however his electric carmaking enterprise Tesla ranks nd among companies with the most Bitcoin BTC holdings. at present, Tesla has about , Bitcoins, backward behind MicroStrategy which has a complete of ,, Bitcoins. MicroStrategy incorporated is a Viginia-based mostly American business that provides company intelligence, cell software, and billow-based mostly functions. The BTC backing were revealed in the latest analyze through Indian crypto asset management belvedere in its report blue-blooded Crypto Overview .

based on the report, world currencies continue to face the warmth because of the abiding ascendancy of dollars and the forthcoming hazard of CNY rising as the large economic bully in the future. 

Kunji’s crypto record has published particulars of a complete of diverse enterprises with the most variety of Bitcoin holdings.

Galaxy digital ranks third on the checklist of organizations with the highest variety of Bitcoin backing globally. The digital asset and blockchain firm has a complete of , Bitcoins.

one more enterprise, chase digital holdings, which is building one of the biggest bitcoin mining operations in arctic the united states, become ranked fourth in terms of keeping the optimum number of Bitcoins, which stands at ,.

manhattan-primarily based world counsel functions platform, The Block, emerged to be the fifth company to have highest Bitcoin holdings of eight,. Block was established in and covers various considerations like cryptocurrency and blockchain among dissimilar other linked concerns.

The document spoke of that BTC has the maximum variety of decentralisation and is still the most sought after protecting by using a couple of inner most corporations. It extra claimed that became out to be a game-changer for the digital asset bazaar.

in line with Kunji, there have been some predominant issues additionally within the crypto trade. The Terra Luna give way turned into an immense setback for the industry. Its atrophy became followed by means of other bankruptcies.

while anecdotic other disasters such because the FTX crypto change accident, it talked about, unluckily, the FTX collapse and different pursuits led the months to move down as probably the most worst years for crypto traders. It mentioned that the FTX give way changed into the affliction because the business started with the appearance of Bitcoin BTC-USD in . 

The look at additionally referred to that noticed the nd affliction single- months efficiency for Bitcoin for the reason that in terms of both months-over-yr – % and abatement from an all-time excessive – percent.

disclaimer: Crypto products and NFTs are able and may be enormously dangerous. There could be no regulatory recourse for any loss from such transactions. Cryptocurrency is not a felony delicate and is discipline to bazaar risks. Readers are recommended to seek skilled tips and browse present docs together with related essential literature on the discipline cautiously before authoritative any type of investment by any means. Cryptocurrency market predictions are speculative and any funding made will likely be at the sole can charge and risk of the readers.

BTC fear & greed basis Holds regular regardless of a BTC acknowledgment to $17,500


BTC fear & greed basis Holds regular regardless of a BTC acknowledgment to $17,500

bazaar affect toward the Fed and inflation supported the NASDAQ basis and the broader crypto market.despite the fact, the concern & greed index captivated consistent at a hundred, signaling investor all-overs forward of day after today’s US CPI file.

On Tuesday, bitcoin BTC rose by .fifty one%. following a .% gain on Monday, BTC concluded the day at $,. particularly, BTC concluded the day at $, for the third time given that December .

A mixed commence to the day noticed BTC blooper to an early low of $,one hundred fifty five. steerage clear of the first primary support degree S at $,, BTC rallied to a backward high of $,. BTC broke during the aboriginal most important resistance stage R at $,. The second principal resistance degree R at $, capped the upside.

On Tuesday, there were no US economic symptoms to provide route. bazaar sentiment toward the Fed and hopes of a delicate economic touchdown persisted to support BTC and the broader crypto bazaar all through the session.

Fed armchair Powell captivated returned from discussing monetary policy forward of tomorrow’s CPI record, which was bullish for riskier belongings.

Crypto market information became also bullish, with charlatan agenda winning approval to advance with the sale to Binance US market superb.

these days, there are not any US financial indicators for buyers to believe. the shortcoming of stats will leave FOMC member chatter and the NASDAQ basis to deliver path.

traders should still additionally computer screen the crypto information affairs for activities that can movement the dial.

whereas BTC and the broader crypto market accept loved a bullish originate to , crypto market headwinds linger. The effect of the continued SEC v Ripple case, authoritative possibility, contagion from the crypto wintry weather, and US investigations into Binance are areas to agree with.

youngsters, community news and and accessible enhancements have contributed to the latest about-face in sentiment.

today, the BTC concern & greed basis held constant at one hundred. tremendously, the basis prevented a acknowledgment to the extreme worry area, with bets of a -basis element Fed hobby fee backpack delivering support.

youngsters, the basis did not circulation, absorption investor uncertainty ahead of the next day’s US CPI document, with a purpose to impact the Fed’s subsequent coverage resolution. avoiding sub- is still the key near-time period. The beasts will need to target the pre-FTX cave in November excessive of fortyone hundred to support a BTC run at $,.

on the time of autograph, BTC turned into up .% to $,. a spread-sure launch to the day noticed BTC fall to an early low of $, earlier than ascent to a high of $,.

BTC needs to evade the $, axis to target the first fundamental attrition degree R at $,. A circulate through the morning high of $, would sign a bullish session. despite the fact, the crypto information affairs and the NASDAQ basis should still be market-hospitable to help a blemish.

in the adventure of an extended assemblage, BTC would seemingly examine the nd fundamental attrition level R at $,. The Third predominant resistance level R sits at $,.

A abatement through the axis would deliver the primary major assist stage S at $, into comedy. Barring a risk-off-fueled promote-off, BTC should still keep away from sub-$,. The second principal support degree S at $, should still restrict the downside. The Third primary help stage S sits at $,.

searching at the EMAs and the four-hourly candlestick chart below, it became a bullish signal. BTC sat aloft the -day EMA, at the moment at $,. The -day EMA pulled away from the -day EMA, with the one hundred-day EMA absorption to the -day EMA, supplying bullish alerts.

A grasp above S $, and the -day EMA $, would support a breakout from R $, to goal R $,. besides the fact that children, a fall through S $, would give the bears a run at the -day EMA $,. A abatement throughout the -day EMA would signal a about-face in affect.

Terra (LUNA) co-founder sees $100 million seized by authorities



While the FTX case is still rocking the ecosystem, news reminds us that the downfall of the Terra (LUNA) ecosystem is not entirely settled either. We learned this weekend that one of the co-founders of the project had seen his funds confiscated by the South Korean authorities.

Authorities confiscate Terra co-founder’s funds

Shin Hyun-Seong, also known as Daniel Shin, founded Terra (LUNA) alongside Do Kwon. He is also targeted by the South Korean authorities, who have seized part of his fortune. The Terra co-founder saw 140 billion won (about 100 million dollars) leave its hands over the past week, according to reports shared by local news outlet YTN.

If these funds were confiscated from him, it is because they would be, according to the authorities. from the sale of LUNA (now LUNC) which had reached a high price before the fall of Terra. The South Korean authorities explain as follows:

“[La] measure prevents a suspect to arbitrarily dispose of the proceeds of criminal activities before facing a lawsuit, so that the amount of damages can be compensated later.»

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Funds returned to investors?

This means that these funds will potentially be used to compensate for the victims of the fall of Terrhas. Shin Hyun-Seong is accused of having “unfairly” profited from the launch of the cryptocurrencies associated with the project. In addition, the co-founder would have revealed information on the customers of his company Chai with Terraform Labs, always according to the accusation.

Shin is of course not the only one to be targeted by consequent investigations. Do Kwon, the historic co-founder and CEO of Terra Labs, also finds himself targeted by the crossfire of accusations. But that doesn’t seem to particularly encourage him to measure, since he was recently seen improvising an interview in a live, while FTX was in the process of collapsing.

👉 To read on the same subject – Do Kwon would be in Europe and invites “cops from all over the world” to a conference

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Source: YTN

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Ballman Project, game, set and NFT!



Attacking the NFT leaderboard – Ballman Project is an initiative born in Switzerland under the leadership of tennis champion and avid digital art collector Stan Wawrinka. At the crossroads of sport, video games, pixel-art and NFTs, the concept is part of a rising dynamic in the Blockchain ecosystem: earning money by collecting unique cards and playing virtual tournaments. Ready to take out the big game?

Le Journal du Coin offers you this promotional article in collaboration with Ballman Project.

The Ballman project, a champion hits thousands of balls NFT

The Ballman Project is a collection of 5,555 NFT “bullets”. Each of these items contains a unique tennis player, straight from the imagination of Stan Wawrinka, Olympic champion, winner of three Grand Slam tournaments and the Davis Cup. Imaged by the famous pixel-artist Laurent Bazart, each card has its own design and intrinsic qualities.

If the generation logic is known, the cards are not yet revealed. They will be according to the progressive schedule set by the roadmap. Thus, investors will have to wait for the moment of the revelation to find out the unique characteristics assigned to the NFT randomly assigned to them. A fairer distribution of the initial value that favors bold first buyers, and leaves a lot to luck.

Ballman Project plans to issue its 5555 NFTs as it completes its roadmap.  Gifts and ethereums will be distributed.
The company’s roadmap outlines the timeline for rewards

A singular design that determines the potential of each card

A Ballman is the combination of 6 visual traits and 6 game skills. Different designs have different rarities, from common to rare (less than 5%) or even legendary (less than 1%). They break down as follows:

  • Posture
  • Ball
  • Venue
  • outfit
  • Accessories (watch, racket, headband etc …)
  • Signature

Once the cards have been revealed, you will therefore have to consult the Ballman Project site to determine the rarity of your NFT by combining the scores of the various visual elements that compose it. Be aware that some designs are not listed. It will be up to the community to discover them and give them a “subjective” value. All of these points determine the ranking of the NFT on the 5555 scale, and by extension, its value.

Thanks to exclusive designs, you will be able to cross-reference the characteristics to determine the value of your NFT cards
Unique designs determine card rarity

Players with unique and evolving characteristics

But rarity is not the only determining criterion. The Ballmen are divided into 6 categories with their specificities: Dominator, Background, Server-volleyball player, Physique, Counter-attacker, Presser. Within these each Ballman is assigned 250 points distributed over a series of 6 skills whose scores will constitute the initial profile of the player.

  • Technical
  • State of mind
  • Powerful
  • Tactical
  • Condition
  • Chance

These distinctive traits form the backbone of each card in tournament play. As you can see, these NFTs aren’t just collectible digital items. Indeed, Ballman Project has a stated objective: Become the first play-to-earn dedicated to the world of tennis.

Virtual NFTs for real gains

It would take too long to describe here the rules that govern the matches. This is a complex mechanism based on the statistics of the cards, their class interactions, but also, and this is new, on their evolution. Because like any “real” player, each card will be able to work on his game and improve with time and results. It will therefore be essential to train and participate regularly in competitions in order to stay in top form.

As with the ATP Tour, NFT open series tournaments take place at regular intervals and help determine the ranking that will lead to the rewards paid out in Ethereum.
Matches are played in 3 winning sets

Thus, thanks to the NFT, Ballman Project intends to blow the passion of tennis on the virtual courts of the metaverse. The matches promise to be exciting, especially as the game mechanics will give outsiders a chance against the highest ranked cards. A structure inspired primarily by the Grand Slam, with its winners of tournaments, its ranking for the year and of course, its rewards.

Ballman Project plans to project itself into the metaverse

Indeed, the stakes promise to be up to the craze thanks to guaranteed minimum prices depending on the number of minted cards. Once the roadmap is 100% completed, the organization provides for the payment of 70 Ethereums guaranteed over the year, as well as many gifts. It is therefore no coincidence that the first round of the private sale was a hit. Moreover, if you missed the game and want to fully exploit the second service, you can join a community of enthusiasts on the project’s discord, and follow the news live on Twitter and Instagram.

As you have understood, the potential benefits of the Ballman Project are therefore not only linked to the speculative value of the NFT market. Thanks to its playful and immersive approach, surfing on the popularity of tennis, Ballman Project has already aroused the interest of the public. If the fans responded, the institutions also came to the net. The famous DeFi platform Swissborg has thus become a privileged partner of what is already called the NFT OPEN SERIES. The public sale will open on February 16. An opportunity to seize on the fly.


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NFT: Sorare and French regulation find common ground



Free in transition – In the short term, Sorare, game of fantasy soccer using NFTs, will not fall under the regulation of the National Gaming Authority (ANJ). The regulator will still keep an eye on the activities of this company NFT.

Sorare and the ANJ find a temporary agreement

According to a press release dated November 18 from the national gaming authority, Sorare will not be not categorized as gambling and therefore escapes the supervision and regulatory control of the ANJ, at least for the time being.

For this, the game of fantasy soccer using NFTs based on Ethereum (ETH), undertakes to propose a solution that would strengthen ” free access to its tournaments “. These changes must be operational no later than March 31.

L’national gaming authority and Sorare have therefore reached an agreementafter the two sides had “a period of in-depth exchanges”, which began last March.

Sorare: the NFT fantasy football game on Ethereum
Sorare: strengthen the free offer to avoid being categorized as gambling

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A transitional solution pending crypto regulation

The solution agreed between Sorare and the regulator is only transitorypending an update of the legislation which will make it possible to include the new activities of web 3 in the competences of the national gaming authority.

In the medium or long term, the regulator should thus supervise Sorare, but the game of fantasy soccer should benefit an appropriate regulatory frameworkwith different or additional rules specific to its sector.

Waiting for this sustainable solution, the national gaming authority will set up the appropriate control mechanism. He will ensure this reinforcement of thefree offer from Sorareand compliance with other standard gambling requirements – protection of minors, fight against fraud and money laundering, etc.

Sorare succeeded in attracting football stars, like Lionel Messi, in its nets. After its marketing successes, the company must now make sure to play by the rules, to avoid taking a red card from the regulator.

Cryptos and blockchain technology are still young and volatile sectors. Any investment involves risk. As a well-informed investor, have you done your own research and decided to take the plunge? Current prices are an opportunity to add a few satoshis to your wallet! To do this, register on Bitget (commercial link).


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“The Great Adventure of Bitcoin and Blockchain”: an introduction to cryptocurrency



So why does this currency hysterize States and public debate? If you keep hearing about bitcoins without daring to admit in public your total ignorance of the subject, this book is for you.

The Great Adventure of Bitcoin and Blockchain - Olivier Bossard & Maud Rivière
© Éditions Delcourt, 2022 —Bossard, Rivière

Having probably signed his famous nine-page article under an assumed name, Satoshi Nakamoto will remain an unknown genius. At the end of 2008, he invented Bitcoin, a digital currency independent of all banks. Two years later, two pizzas are traded in the United States for 10,000 btc. In 2022, the same sum is worth millions of dollars! What happened ?

The Great Adventure of Bitcoin and Blockchain - Olivier Bossard & Maud RivièreAlthough professor of Finance at HEC Paris – the mysterious holy of holies of Parisian high finance – Olivier Bossard became known to the general public by popularizing his subject. He created his own Youtube channel and signed, after his Introduction to Finance with Wide Winchhis second comic.

In just 72 pages, he manages to make understandable the principles of cryptocurrency, a strange currency created by hackers for the attention of libertarian cypherpunks. However, its crazy growth has won it the favor of speculators and savers attracted by an easy gain. His recent fall has shattered some wild hopes.

The book is made up of short chapters of one or two pages, where the professor Bossard takes the stage explaining a concept. His argument is based on the precise drawing of Maud Riviere which manages, in a few cases, to simplify complex notions. Avoiding a professorial tone, his characters are often funny and their perplexity comes to the aid of our own questions.

Let’s admit, that if the first half is interesting, the second part is to be reserved for the professor’s students, the themes addressed are too specific for neophytes. Curiously, the most interesting is yet to come. If the author announces the near end of Bitcoin, struck by the rapid obsolescence of his initial algorithm, which consumes too much energy, you have been warned, he concludes on the inevitable rise of his successors. Only difficulty, but it is not small, crypto-currencies multiply. It’s up to you to choose the right one, the one that will win the day!

PS Allergic to any form of speculation, I invest in comics.

Stephane de Boysson

The Great Adventure of Bitcoin and Blockchain
Screenplay: Olivier Bossard
Drawings: Maud Rivière
Publisher: Delcourt
Collection: Octopus
128 pages – €16.50
Publication: October 5, 2022

The Great Adventure of Bitcoin and Blockchain — Excerpt:

The Great Adventure of Bitcoin and Blockchain - Olivier Bossard & Maud Rivière
© Éditions Delcourt, 2022 —Bossard, Rivière


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Peter Schiff explains how Elon Musk boosted bitcoin to $70,000 with just one photo.



Peter Schiff admits that Elon Musk played a huge role in pushing bitcoin to almost $70,000 in 2021. In 2020, when Bitcoin was trading around $10,000, Elon Musk posted a stupid tweet that highlighted a man’s inability to choose whether or not to invest in cheap cryptocurrency.

Peter Schiff revealed that he remains amused after seeing Elon Musk post the same image when bitcoin was at $10,000 and now when the top cryptocurrency is struggling to maintain support at $16,000. In the event of a breakout, the first cryptocurrency will plummet given the lack of technical support levels down to $12,220.

Peter Schiff is highly critical of bitcoin’s performance, unlike gold, BTC has struggled to maintain the positive momentum in the market and recently returned to the lowest price level in 2022.

Peter Schiff has once again asserted his position on Bitcoin on his official Twitter account, saying that the first cryptocurrency is doomed, given its lack of intrinsic value and real-world use. However, he believes that digital assets like Ethereum, which have their own ecosystem behind them, could prevail and make a place for themselves in the market.

Prior to highlighting Elon Musk’s tweet, Peter Schiff was actively promoting gold’s most recent rally in the market. Unfortunately, after November 16, the precious metal entered a reversal phase, losing more than 2% of its value in the last few days. However, the technical outlook suggests that the rally is far from over, and gold could continue its upward move after a minor correction.


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“The role of Mastercard is to offer choice in terms of means of payment, including cryptocurrencies”



Le Journal du Net is a partner of the Mastercard Innovation Forum 2022, scheduled for December 8 in Paris. Senior Vice President of Mastercard, Martin Etheridge details at JDN the outlines of Mastercard’s strategy with cryptocurrencies and NFT.

Martin Etheridge, senior vice president of Mastercard. © Mastercard

JDN. Raj Dhamodharan, Executive Vice President of Mastercard, recently published an article titled “How to turn cryptocurrencies into an everyday means of payment?” How does Mastercard invest in this crypto ecosystem?

Martin Etheridge. I think we have to start with our role, which is to offer customers a choice in terms of means of payment, and this, in a secure way. A Mastercard crypto payment card allows users to use their available balance on their cryptocurrency wallet using our secure network in real time. Likewise, if they want to use a Mastercard card issued by a bank and make a purchase on a cryptocurrency exchange platform, it is their choice and they are able to do so. It is the bank’s responsibility to know their customer and we have a set of tools available to our card issuers to analyze user activity and behavior in terms of cryptocurrencies.

Mastercard is now a partner of many cryptocurrency payment platforms. Do you see a growing consumer appetite for the use of these active ingredients?

We are indeed seeing significant growth in consumer interest: our Mastercard Global New Payment Index highlights that a third of users worldwide have already made an investment in crypto-assets. In Europe the figure is slightly lower but what is interesting is the proportion of the population who intend to increase their use of cryptocurrencies in the future and this is a higher rate than the number of current users. What we have seen is a desire by users to enter this type of market with a trusted infrastructure, which is why we announced on October 18 a partnership with Paxos to allow banks to make certain purchases and holdings of cryptoassets for their users, using the functions that Mastercard is able to provide.

In 2018, when you were head of the fintech and digital currencies division at the Bank of England, you stood before the House of Commons with a clear distinction between technology and crypto-assets. Is that still a line you share today, now that you’re at Mastercard?

Indeed, it is absolutely necessary in my opinion to understand the different types of cryptocurrencies and cryptoassets available. Over the past two years, we have seen a significant growth in the use of blockchain technology, for example with NFTs, which are inherently very different from most cryptocurrencies, which are fungible in nature. In fact, I still agree with what I said before: it is very important to understand the different characteristics of the different assets that are underpinned by these technologies and their modes of use in the markets.

“We are following the subject of the digital euro very closely”

What about CBDCs (central bank digital currencies)? Do you think that Europe is behind on this subject?

No, i dont think so. We have seen a lot of documents, research from European institutions such as the European Parliament and the European Commission: there is a real desire to analyze the subject of the digital euro and this is something that we are following closely.

Could we imagine a non-private solution from Mastercard in the future?

I cannot list all the products about to be released at Mastercard, but I can quote our head of cybersecurity who regularly says: “Trust is the heart of our business”. We want to support our customers as they seek new ways to pay using the trust and security provided by our payment network.

How does Mastercard design the metaverse?

It is already possible to make payments with a Mastercard in the metaverse; many metaverse applications such as buying NFTs can be performed with a Mastercard. We also organized events in the metaverse and we are very proud of them, I am thinking in particular of the celebrations of diversity (the Your True Self is Priceless campaign in Decentraland and Horizon Worlds in June 2022, editor’s note). It’s hard to predict how far this will go but we are very curious and excited to explore different ways to support the payments infrastructure there in a secure way.

A graduate in economics from the University of Bristol, Martin Etheridge began his professional career as an executive at the Financial Conduct Authority, the British equivalent of the AMF, in 2001. In 2011, he joined the Bank of England where he took the responsibility of the regulation department before taking the reins of the digital currencies department until 2020, the year of his departure for Mastercard. In January 2022, he became vice-president in charge of product development, blockchain and digital currencies.


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