The Château de Chantilly goes NFT with virtual souvenirs



The Château de Chantilly is now available in NFT, souvenirs accessible online only. – Photo: François Nerrand / Oise Hebdo.

The Château de Chantilly continues to be up to date. The historic site has partnered with the start-up Keru Project to create virtual souvenirs dedicated to the former home of the Duke of Aumale. These will take the form of NFTs. Three exactly, available in limited editions.

One represents the Duke of Aumale, to celebrate his bicentenary this year). The others immortalize the castle park and the Great Stables. “Each souvenir exists in two editionsspecifies the company Keru Project in a press release: one in silver (10,000 copies) and one in gold (150 copies).»

To get them,visitors must go to the tourist site and scan one of the QR codes present on the posters placed at different places on the site to buy their souvenirs, continues the start-up. Once acquired, they can connect to the platform to find their collection of NFTs. The collector can then view them in virtual reality, take a picture with them and share them on social networks.“And to promise:”These are developed and collected on the Tezos “blockchain”, they do not require any technical knowledge for users.»

We were seduced by this audacious project which offers a new approach to travel souvenirs, which is both fun, respectful of the environment and concerned with benefiting the financing of cultural or educational projects.“, adds Anne Miller, general administrator of the castle in the same press release.

OK, but what is an NFT?

An NFT is an entirely dematerialized artistic creation. From its scholarly name, it is a non-fungible token (which cannot be replaced, editor’s note). Which means it has a certificate of authenticity. They are accessible on databases called Blockchains -like Tezos -. This system is also used in the creation of crypto-currencies. NFTs are also found in video games and other online applications.

Which can cause some NFTs to have some monetary value. Until a certain point. While the technology and economic model continues to develop, its nascent market crashed sharply in the year 2022. The recent cryptocurrency crash should not help. We must therefore see these NFTs on the Château de Chantilly as a souvenir – only -, a kind of premium 2.0 postcard.


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